TV Appearance: Midsomer Murders

On Tuesday 4th February 2020 our miniatures and a bespoke piece were featured in the ITV Programme Midsomer Murders: The Miniature Murders season 21 Episode 2. The worlds of miniature dolls houses and real houses collide when a prolific estate agent is murdered in front of a crowd at a doll house exhibit.

Berkshire Dolls House Company were asked to create a bespoke 1/12th scale replica dolls house of an existing building in which they had chosen to set the episode. Howard and the team were asked to visit the location site to take photographs and complete research. Plans were then drawn up by measuring up the real building. The toughest part of the project recreation was the mullion window at the front of the house. The window was hand crafted and glazed with the integrated use of real lead to create an authentic leaded light effect.

The dolls house was made with opening panels and additional hinges to enable the crew to place and manoeuvre cameras for internal close up shots. The outside of the house was rendered with stone work and bricks. Paint techniques and weathered roof tiles were then used to created an authentic look. The interior of the house was also required to be exactly replicated. As such, it was clad with oak beams and real wood flooring. The house also contained an authentic staircase and a trap door which led to the basement. The basement was clad in a clay mix which was then etched to create the stone effect.

The production team were delighted with the replica dolls house and used many pieces as well as other houses from the shop to dress the sets featured in the episode. The entire opening credit sequence is filmed inside dolls houses, really showing off the delights of miniature collections. A keen eye will spot several houses that we have in stock throughout the programme. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Look for the close-ups of the bespoke house in the show that demonstrates the amazing eye for detail that Howard and the team have.

Make sure you check it out on catch up and let us know if you “figured” out whodunit?