Project: Cornish Mill House

During the latest Lockdown, Kieran has been creating a beautiful bespoke Cornish Mill House. This house boasts custom flooring and hand carved real oak beams. Many techniques have been used to create the Mill’s authentic feel including the use of real slate roofing and rough faced grey stone for cobble paving. Kieran has used filler to mould the plaster look of the interior. The Mill will be fully lit with fireplaces and smoking chimney to give it that warm and lived-in feel. There are various staircases, weathered and carved to looked well used and traditional. The wheel on the exterior has been made using reclaimed wood and will be weathered to add true character. The Mill will also have bay windows to display items and invite customers to purchase their wares.

This project will be for sale in the near future, Kieran hopes that someone will transform this Mill into a home and bakery/ tea shop, like the one he remembers in Bourton on the Water which helped to inspire the build, by adding characters and props to bring it to life!

If you are interested in discussing any of the above techniques on your project, the team are here to help with advice and tips to help bring your creation to life. If you are interested in purchasing the Cornish Mill House, please contact us to discuss.