Star Wars

Star Wars model building from a far, far away galaxy finally for at home
Many collectors have been longing for an easy way to purchase Bandai Star Wars Model Building Kits. Bandai Star Wars models stand for sharp precision, great attention to detail and innovative technical implementation. In 2019, Revell will distribute Bandai Star Wars models for Europe.

True to detail, easy assembly and multi-coloured kits
By working with Revell, Bandai Star Wars model collectors can expect another level of sourcing in Europe. The Bandai kits are produced with high precision and state-of-the-art technology and are hard to beat in terms of quality. The Snap-Fit technology allows every fan to assemble the model without glue, resulting in a seamless connection of the different parts. Multicolour components make costly painting unnecessary in the future, especially as Bandai provides two different decal options with each Bandai Star Wars model. Whether you prefer stickers or decals is entirely up to the individual model maker. Both options allow every tiny detail of the model to be shown to its best advantage. In addition, many parts are movable. This not only ensures fun during assembly, but also during play. The assembly of the models is connected with a high requirement, but they are naturally not only something for older generations. Children also enjoy the Snap-Fit technology with the individual replicas and can train their fine motor skills.

The falcon of Han Solo makes the beginning
At the beginning the Bandai Millennium Falcon from the Perfect Grade series can be ordered. With the scale of 1:72 and 680 parts, the model reaches a size of 48.2 cm after assembly and is an absolute highlight for collectors. Smaller models such as the Allterain fighter runner, abbreviated AT-AT, are available in 1:144 scale, other models such as the Snowspeeder are available in 1:48 scale. Altogether Revell offers a large selection of replicas from the films, of which the Millennium Falcon comes with an LED unit for illuminating the engines and landing gear as well as other small details. Thus, many small pilot figures and small figures from Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan and C-3PO are included in the Millennium Falcon as perfect complements.

A must for real Star Wars fans
Especially for Star Wars experts, enthusiasts and fans the models are real collector’s products. With a detailed orientation to the originals, each model comes with a display stand or a plate to present the models in the best possible way. Even the display stands are an optical complement to the individual replicas and individually adapted. To ensure that the models come close to their originals down to the smallest detail, the designers conducted extensive research on the studio models. Compromises or small errors were not allowed to occur during production. The Star Wars models from Bandai easily meet the high demands of potential buyers and collectors and complement the Revell Star Wars range perfectly.

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